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In 2002 Parker reintroduced the famed Parker "51" as a Special Edition.  The retail price was $350.00 and authorized dealers were not allowed to discount.  The pen came in a deluxe simulated snakeskin box, similar to those found in England during the fifties.

The pen was available in two colors, Vista Blue and Black.  The caps had the famous Empire Design done in Sterling Silver with a reproduction of the venerable Blue Diamond clip.  The Vista Blue was only available in all Sterling Silver, while the black pen only came with Gold Vermeil Sterling Cap. The filler was the standard cartridge or converter.  The nib was 14k, available only in medium or fine.

Under the hood, the pen sported a standard nib, and not the traditional nib.  The inner cap clutch was completely redesigned and the "pearl" jewels were very different from the vintage versions.  Early barrels had a design flaw and would crack.  Parker replaced the barrels free of charge.  The pen created much controversy in the pen collecting community, as it was not a faithful reproduction of the pen and it was expensive.  Overall the pen is a great writer and has done relatively well in the marketplace.

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